Complicity in Heels

Complicity in Heels
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Epic Spin Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
Length: Complete novel
ASIN: 0988398613
ISBN: 0988398613
When Nikki Frank steps out of prison and into the waiting limousine, she puts herself in unimagined danger. Her old friend, Spence, has a monumental money-making plan that could wreck the entire U.S. economy—and he needs Nikki to make it work. Her old employers in the federal government need Nikki to stop him. And Nikki herself needs a whole load of fast money for the sake of her disabled brother. Welcome to the middle of a nightmare. Complicity in Heels is a slick, sexy, fast-paced thriller sure to keep you flipping to the end!
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About the Book

Nikki Frank has just been released from the Madelyn P. Shaw Women’s Correctional Facility in Parkbridge, Georgia. Her only goal is to reconnect with her disabled brother, but waiting for her just beyond the prison gates is a distraction: Spence Taylor.

Her last memory of him was of being shoved to the ground while he hightailed it in the opposite direction to avoid arrest.

Now, here he is in a limousine, on the day of her release, bearing gifts and pitching a monumental money-making scheme that could wreck the entire U.S. economy.

“Look, I’m not even sure I want back on board,” she declares.

It’s only after Nikki learns of a shortage in funding for her brother’s care that she reconsiders her options and rejoins the Cordoza crew.

When the crew wins a money brokering contract from the Lascano Cartel to funnel 2.5 million dollars, to a bank in New York within 48 hours, things start to get dicey.

Nikki and Spence must toil around the clock to get the computer prototype they “oversold” as being capable of breaching banking cybersecurity, to actually work.

Desperate and out of options, Nikki reaches out to the federal government. But help often comes with strings attached. Now she stands in the middle of a train station parking lot, waiting to take custody of 2.5 million dollars from the Lascano Cartel. What could possibly go wrong?

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