Family comes first. Money laundering comes second…

When Nikki Frank steps out of prison and into the waiting limousine of her former crew, she
puts herself in danger.
Her old friend, Spence, has a monumental money-making plan that could wreck the entire U.S.
economy—and he needs Nikki to make it work.
Her old employers in the federal government need Nikki to stop him.
And Nikki herself needs a whole load of fast money to help her disabled brother.
Welcome to the middle of a nightmare.

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...An exciting new writer

Brooke Marsh,

 Reconnecting with her brother… 

 after prison, was the only thing Nikki cared about. That changed the day the cartel made an ultimatum: “Funnel 2.5 million to a bank in New York within two days or suffer the repercussions.” Who said “readjusting” would be easy?